Annette’s Tips & Tricks for a happy and smooth Wedding Day.

Fool proof tips and tricks to ensure your Wedding Day is the best it can be.

Eat and hydrate – the pre-ceremony support team need to provide snacks/platters for the couple and the bridal party. You need a little bit in your tummies to go with the alcohol …. and that brings me to consuming too much alcohol when getting ready, and not hydrating with water … WATER! Have water bottles in the Bridal cars. Brides and Grooms to delegate a significant person to manage all this for them – not left to the bridal party.

Set boundaries for families/besties. Close friends and your families are so important in your Wedding celebrations, but don’t let them think it’s THEIR Wedding! If besties dump/crash your Wedding lead up – they really do mean well – but you have every right to push back – and push back hard! OK you know what I mean! I’ll support you with that! 

 Take a ‘first look’ before your ceremony or a private moment with each other after photos, and before the Reception. This is your Wedding, not you and a gazillion guests. You will thank yourselves and love every moment of just the two of you being with each other and having a real kiss!  Some venues have a special break out room for this exact moment – ask about it!