Conversations with my Couples


“Annette, we aren’t good at public speaking!”

A lot of people aren’t, but don’t worry I’ll be doing most of the talking in your Ceremony haha!

Think of it this way – all your guests know you, they love you and will be there on the day to support you. Relax and soak up the moment.


“Can we have our pets in our ceremony?”

Did you say ‘Fur Baby’?

Of course – I’m a big softie when it comes to welcoming your heart of hearts into your Ceremony.


“We don’t like being the centre of attention!”

You’d be surprised at how many couples tell me this!

I’ll be right there with you to calm you down and you’ll be confident that I’ve got your back.


“I don’t like long and boring ceremonies!”

Hey, I don’t like long and boring Weddings either. So don’t worry, I won’t be putting you through one of those excrutiating ceremonies.


“Can you marry us anywhere in Australia?”

Australia-wide and marine craft/cruise ships. I can wear a Captain’s hat too if you need. LOL!


“A friend has offered to take our photos on the day.”

In my experience some of my couples who have relied on friends to take happy snaps on the day were very disappointed that they didn’t get at least a few quality photos of them, the Bridal party and their Mum/Dad and family.

Have a photographer quote you on at least 2-3 hours to capture those once in a lifetime memories. You’re worth it!