Tie the knot & include your furry friend

Hey there pet parents! Looking to elevate your wedding and have your whiskered or furry pooch be a big part of your big day?

Well, your pet can do more than just look adorable in the Wedding photos. From dashing ring bearer to cuddly guest of honour, here’s a fun guide to get your fur baby in on the action.

Ring Bearer Extraordinaire

Who needs a tiny pillow when you can have your pet carrying the rings down the aisle? Assigning your pet the role of a ring bearer is probably one of the most adorable ways to include them in your ceremony. Your guests will love watching your four-legged friend trotting down the aisle with the rings. Be ready for a round of ‘awws’!

Floral Furball
Another charming role is the flower pet. They can follow your Wedding Bridal children down the aisle, or even have a little basket attached to their collar filled with flowers.

Alison & Andrew with Gracie & Yuku – Beau and Co

Aisle Escort
Imagine your pet with you as you walk down the aisle. This can be especially poignant for couples who’ve shared significant parts of their lives with their pets. See my extra tips below to ensure a calm and happy Ceremony for all of you.

Photoshoot Star

If your pet is camera-shy or gets stressed in large gatherings, a photoshoot before or after the ceremony can be a great way to involve them. They can be a fun addition to your wedding album, showcasing the full family on this special day.

Dress ’em Up
Go wild with a pet-sized tuxedo, a floral garland, or a cute bow on their collar. Remember though, your pet’s comfort and confidence is key, and as they may not be used to wearing ‘clothes’, they will need to be super comfortable in whatever you have planned.

Fallyn and Copper Run Wild Photography

Plan B
Animals are adorable but can be unpredictable, just like the Bridal Party! So If your pet decides they’d rather nap than walk down the aisle or if they seem uncomfortable on the big day, be prepared to adjust their involvement accordingly. I have very easy suggestions for that.

Including your pet in your Wedding can make the occasion even more special and memorable. Remember though, your furry friend’s comfort and safety should be a top priority throughout the process. With the right preparation, your four-legged family member can play an unforgettable part in your special day.

Lots of my Wedding couples can’t get enough of their favourite animals in their Ceremonies, and that’s why they especially choose Zoos for their Weddings. I have fantastic memories of the Lions at the Adelaide Zoo, and of course the animal Wedding & Reception Packages including the majestic Giraffes Platform Experience at the Monarto Safari Park.

Ask me for links to professional Pet Whisperers I use … they will make your Ceremony happy, relaxed and pawfect knowing that you and your fur babies can feel calm and stress-less during one of the most important days of your lives.